Friday, June 25, 2004

Rusty Kuntz

Rusty Kuntz was a former professional baseball player (Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers) and now coaches first base for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Rusty Kuntz is also the name of the softball team I play with on Thursdays. The Rusty Kuntz's have had a hard time of it this season. We are 0 and 3 and just got mercy ruled last night. However, as bad as we have been (I have been awful) the one bright spot has been our ability to put things in prospective and continue to have fun. This cannot be said for all teams that play at Kreig Fields. According to reliable sources, this past Wednesday night tempers flared and a game had to be halted. Players from one team verbally abused an umpire to the point that the umpire felt threatened and was forced to call the game and exit the field. C'mon this is an adult slow pitch softball league, I am pretty sure the entire purpose of the league is to allow a bunch of out of shape, slightly competitive people get together weekly to have fun and drink the occasional beer. As for my training, it has gone pretty well this week. I have been able to get my lazy bones out of bed in the mornings to run and lift in the mornings, but have only gotten to the boxing gym twice in the evening (I'm headed to town lake and the boxing gym right after I finish this). My diet has been going well, but lately I have been trading in too many protein shakes for Chipotles, I love those burrito bowls (I wish Joe had never recommended the place).


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